I’m a¬†Marketing Specialist with 12 years of experience in the United States and Europe.

My work includes the following areas for small- and medium-sized enterprises, corporations and non-profits in both the products and services areas.

  • Developing and executing the marketing strategy (online and offline) in line with company objectives.
  • Brand management and corporate identity and rebranding.
  • Marketing communications, including coordinating public relations strategy.
  • Website relaunch, strategy and ongoing development (SEO, social media, partnerships, etc.) for online marketing with a focus on inbound marketing.
  • Coordinating marketing with sales activities, including overseeing implementation and admin of company CRMs such as Salesforce.com.
  • Creating and overseeing the marketing budget.
  • Creation of sales and marketing material.
  • Planning and implementing online promotional campaigns, lead generation campaigns and product launches.
  • Maintaining effective internal communications.
  • Analyzing and building partner relationships for company marketing
  • and more…